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Artist of the Month

on VermlandRadio 

 Hats off to Our Artist of the Month.


 Singer/Songwriter & Musician

John Warwick comes from the urban streets of East London, a Singer/Songwriter & Musician with a fusion of colorful sound, British Alternative Rock & Folk music. The first time he heard ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles he knew he wanted to write melodies so taught himself the guitar, by that time he had also learned to play the drums. John attributes his inquisitive mind in part to his dyslexia. If he heard a tune, he would immediately want to know everything about it, who the musician was and who influenced them. This took him down a path of musical discovery which leads him back to the blues. As singer/songwriter, composer, arranger and producer John released the album - Kaleidoscope Mind during May 2019 The songs Anyone’s Call, Build No Bridges, The Maze, We Are Scum, Junky, Work Till You Die, State Of The Union, Art and War, Fake News To Me, Suicide and The Awakening testify to the mood of the day. 

“Saint No Valen”

It’s a punk song about not falling in love.


Twitter  https://twitter.com/JWarwick1976 

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/john_warwick_music/ 

YouTube    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmU76C0OKoyY7ST2k8DhfRw?view_as=subscriber