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Take A Bow

take a bow (third-person singular simple present takes a bow, present participle taking a bow, simple past took a bow, past participle taken a bow)

Take a Bow

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Miller closed the lecture with a piece of advice that exemplifies his sunny outlook. He encouraged students to always having something to look forward to. In retirement, Miller is looking forward to spending more time with his family, including his two granddaughters. In addition to mushrooming, gardening, and cooking, Miller is excited to do more hiking, fishing, hunting, woodworking, landscaping, traveling, photography, and making notecards out of the photos he takes of nature scenes and the wildlife that visit his 47-acre Rist Canyon property.

The piece was written by Jeff Gerth, a long-serving New York Times writer who is as credentialed as they come in the legacy press, having among other things won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 (for reporting, incidentally, not commentary or public service). In retirement at the start of the Trump years, Gerth watched with growing alarm as venerable institutions like the Times and the Washington Post continually made high-stakes assertions in headlines that appeared based on thin or uncheckable sourcing.

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