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Girls Gone Hypnotized

Welcome to GirlsGoneHypnotized! GirlsGoneHypnotized has a large selection hypnosis, mind control, freeze fetish, and personality-change video stories. We also do authentic hypnosis sessions with your favorite models, so you can see them actually get hypnotized and respond to suggestions while genuinely in trance. *Please hit your browser's "refresh" button if you do not see regular updates*

girls gone hypnotized

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Felt Life Lauren Acampora (bio) This was the girl. She rode the 6 Train in a yellow coat and white tights. The large brown eyes told an empty story, and the small mouth was like a deflated heart. Paula had an electric feeling when she looked at her and understood how someone might become addicted to this feeling; understood, maybe, the appeal of anonymous sex. She stared at the girl and waited for eye contact, her heart pulsing terrifically, but the girl seemed hypnotized by an invisible point a few feet away.

This girl was neither pretty nor plain. Her hair was light brown and fine, her eyes set a little too low and far apart. The face of a young animal. Next to her, two girls gossiped in ankle boots and lipstick, their eyes round with mascara. None of these girls looked at Paula. She'd once been accustomed to drawing attention but no longer sought it, no longer wore brash hats and large pendants. The feeling for show had gone out of her. But she'd kept the scarves, a different color each day. Today, a green one draped like a snake from her shoulders.

She wanted the glossy girls to go. They'd get out at 14th Street, she predicted. Instead, her own girl abruptly rose. The yellow coat disappeared into the exiting crowd, and with a shot of adrenaline Paula followed it up the subway stairs onto the street. She stopped the girl at the corner of Fourth Avenue, and the words came out in a marvelous stream. Tomorrow, lunch, she heard herself say, holding the girl's shallow gaze. She couldn't be more than nineteen or twenty. The girl smiled cautiously and said she'd think about it. Paula gave her a business card and stepped backward. The girl smiled back, a true smile, and Paula knew she would come.

It was just as she was eating her first ambrosial mouthful that the door opened and a fur-capped head was thrust in. A man's voice said: "Evenin', folks. No, I can't stay. I was down at the village just now, and thought I'd ask for any mail down our way." He tossed a newspaper and a letter on the table and was gone.

Civilization might have been better served if, on that fateful evening in 1997, John de Mol had just called it a night and gone to sleep. But he couldn't stop brooding about television. It was close to midnight, at the end of a long and fruitless brainstorming session, when someone had mentioned Biosphere 2--the American media stunt that locked four men and four women in a giant glass bubble in the desert for two years. At 5 a.m. the next morning, De Mol had his inspiration.

"I was hypnotized," recalls the handsome Dutchman, 47. He runs a TV production company called Endemol (the pharmaceutical-sounding name comes from the 1994 merger with a Netherlands rival, Joop van den Ende; see box, p. 96). "I suddenly started wondering what would happen if you put a bunch of boys and girls together in a house and put them on television 24 hours a day." He can't claim to have invented the idea; MTV's Real World was already on the air. But he milked it better.


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