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Hamdard Sehat Magazine January 2019 Download

Hamdard Sehat Magazine January 2019 Download

Hamdard Sehat is a monthly Urdu health magazine published by the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan. It was founded in 1931 by Hakeem Abdul Hameed, a renowned physician and philanthropist, in Delhi, India. After the partition of India in 1947, his younger brother Hakeem Muhammad Saeed migrated to Pakistan and continued to publish the magazine from Karachi. Hamdard Sehat covers various topics related to health, medicine, nutrition, psychology, and social issues. It also features articles by eminent scholars, researchers, and practitioners of both Eastern and Western medicine. Hamdard Sehat is one of the oldest and most popular health magazines in Pakistan and has a large readership across the country and abroad.

If you are interested in reading Hamdard Sehat magazine, you can download the January 2019 issue from the following link: [Download Hamdard Sehat January 2019]. This issue contains articles on topics such as:


  • The benefits of honey and its various types

  • The causes and prevention of diabetes

  • The importance of physical activity and exercise for health

  • The role of herbs and spices in enhancing immunity

  • The effects of stress and anxiety on mental health

  • The history and achievements of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

You can also visit the official website of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan to learn more about their publications, programs, and services: [Hamdard Foundation Pakistan]. You can also find information about other magazines published by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, such as Naunehal, a bilingual magazine for children, Hamdard Islamicus, a quarterly journal on Islamic studies, and Historicus, a quarterly journal on history.

Hamdard Sehat is a valuable source of knowledge and guidance for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being. It is also a testament to the legacy and vision of Hakeem Abdul Hameed and Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, who dedicated their lives to serving humanity through education, health care, and social welfare. We hope you enjoy reading Hamdard Sehat magazine and benefit from its contents.


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