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Bluetooth BLE Finder

Bluetooth tracking technology started around 2012 with the ascent of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The advances in Bluetooth technology provided the Bluetooth finder with a more stable connection and smaller power consumption. This, in turn, allowed the development of a smaller, lighter tracker that you can easily carry around in your pockets or attach to your keys.

Bluetooth BLE Finder

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Bluetooth finders are relatively cheap and cost between $10 to $50. Most have no additional monthly fees attached, but double-check before buying - some companies do charge a monthly fee for their additional features.

Most Bluetooth trackers require very little power and use replaceable coin batteries as their power source. A coin battery will keep the finder active from 1.5 to 2 years, and once it runs out, you can replace it yourself in a few simple steps.

However, when it comes to battery life, Bluetooth finders generally last a few months, due to their BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology, while GPS trackers typically need to be recharged every few days.

TrackFast Bluetooth Tracker, keep your valuables within Bluetooth range. When the iTrack key finder is out of range (about 150 feet without obstruction), your phone and TF1 Bluetooth Tracker will alarm. It reminds you when you leave thing behind.

About 2 years later the Tile was developed by some Silicon Valley types who integrated newer technology (most importantly, bluetooth low energy came into existence which greatly reduced the power requirements), social capabilities (the tile could be tracked by any phone, in theory increasing the chance of you finding it) and with it the usual Silicon Valley mindset (non replaceable battery, etc). Due to the technological improvements the device was much smaller and a fair bit more convenient, but was really just the logical evolution of the Phone Halo, and TrackR was also bringing their next generation device to market right around with Tile came out. It was also successfully crowdfunded and later turned into a successful company as well.

Over the years, bluetooth technology has changed the way we use our iDevices. We can now connect accessories to our iPhones and enhance our overall iOS experience. From speakers to ear pieces, there are numerous bluetooth accessories that one can choose from. Additionally, there are thousands of bluetooth apps the search through. This list is a great place to start if you are looking for a solid bluetooth app.

Find Bluetooth with this app. Scan and identify nearby devices. Locate devices by signal strength, heat map or direction finder. You can now find Fitbit and other Bluetooth devices that are paired with your iPhone. If the Bluetooth device is paired with another iPhone, turn off Bluetooth on that iPhone. When a device is detected, Blue Hound identifies it by name, its maker and model when possible. It does this using a large database of smart recognizers that are updated automatically. Devices you find are uploaded to the cloud to help you search for them later.

The Bluetooth Headphones Finder app works with hundreds of headphones from different brands. Can't find your earbuds? Your headsets are missing? It happens all the time, but with our device finder this will not bother you anymore. You can locate all kinds of bluetooth devices including bluetooth wearable, phones, speakers and more. 041b061a72


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