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Thicc Police Officer

Internet investigators believe Marseille police officer Nadine Djelassi is the woman driving people nuts in the arrest photos. As of Wednesday afternoon, she had locked her Instagram account as thousands of new followers poured in as she became a viral sensation.

thicc police officer

Thicc French Policewoman is a viral image and video of a voluptuous female police officer in France who was photographed during the arrest of a millionaire dentist in September 2022. The woman's picture was photographed by the French press capturing the detainment and shared online alongside the story as her butt quickly became the target of thirst for thousands online, many labeling it "thicc" in reference to the slang term. After initially spreading through various reactions and discussions, the cop's photo was also used as a minor exploitable image macro in object-labeling memes, primarily on Reddit.

On September 8th, 2022, the French dentist Lionel Guedj was arrested for performing unnecessary dental work and mutilation of lower-income patients, which helped make him a millionaire. According to reports, he performed thousands of unnecessary dental surgeries solely to bill the insurance system and make money. The story may have ended there, but the social media post made about the arrest included an image of the detainment that garnered significant attention. On September 11th, 2022, the Twitter account @MyMixtapez,[1] which frequently posts news-related topics, posted an image from the arrest and the headline, including the side-view of the female arresting officer, which would go on to get over 145,000 likes in two days (shown below).

Immediately upon being posted on Twitter on September 11th, 2022, users began to fixate on the female police officer and not care about the main story, about the low-income victims of the millionaire doctor being vindicated through the arrest. Numerous Twitter users began hornyposting continuously about the policewoman, with multiple people stating their intent to fly to France and be arrested, while naysayers were declaring that the photo had to be photoshopped.

The officer's viral picture then beat the Photoshop allegations after footage from the September 8th arrest resurfaced, originally posted by Twitter user @JFGiorgetti,[2] which was viewed over 1.7 million times in five days (shown below).

Twitter users began posting memes and references to the policewoman into September 11th and subsequent days, with a majority of them being about the intense longing they felt to know more about her or be with her. The photo also inspired fan art creations, such as one by Twitter artist @Unknown_Rez,[3] who created a fan art mashup of the French police officer and Pekora the VTuber (shown below).

On September 11th, 2022, Redditor GregariousCanary posted an altered version of the French officer's photo alongside another image of a policewoman to the /r/dankmemes[4] subreddit to create an object-labeling meme, receiving over 28,000 upvotes and 250 comments in roughly 48 hours (shown below).

The policewoman's viral image was further discussed in other subreddits by various Redditors alongside the news story throughout mid-September 2022, including /r/PublicFreakout[5] and /r/funny,[6] among others who noted her large posterior in comment sections.

Diana Ramirez is a police officer who has been dubbed as the most beautiful lady police officer in the world. Thanks to her mesmerizing looks and physique, she has gained a lot of attention from the public. She is a skilled officer and is known for her dedication to her job.

The National Police is the French national police force. It is commanded by the Director-General (directeur général de la police nationale), who is currently Jean-Marc Falcone. The National Police has existed in its current form since 2016, when it was created by a merger of the National Gendarmerie and the former national police force. The National Police is responsible for law enforcement in France, as well as the overseas departments and territories of France.

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) is the elite police tactical unit of the National Gendarmerie of France. Formed in 1973 in the wake of the Munich massacre, the GIGN is responsible for conducting counterterrorism and hostage rescue operations, as well as providing personal protection for senior government officials.

In France, the police are regularly armed, but there is no official record of how often firearms are used. An independent group called A Toutes Les Victimes has been tracking the number of deaths and injuries caused by police using firearms, based on media reports, since 2005.

The policewoman in question is not thin, she is of average size. She is not obese, nor is she particularly muscular. She is, however, quite curvy, and her uniform hugs her figure in all the right places. She looks like she could take down a perp with little effort, but she also looks like she knows how to have a good time. Her department is lucky to have her on the force. 041b061a72


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